I don’t FORGIVE people

because I’m WEAK.

I FORGIVE them because

I’m STRONG enough to KNOW

people MAKE mistakes.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Daddy's Broken Girl

Anticipation, expectation... I am relying on you.
I await your return..or even a call. Just to say you won't be able to make it & you'll see me another day.

I expect you to take care of me, teach me, guide me.... However the lessons I need to learn, you haven't taught, the comfort I need you failed to provide.

Why does everything but ME hold priority and precedent. You say you "love me" but I don't see the proof.
The words jump off the screen of a 'text' and fall flat, I am unimpressed.

You've broken promise after promise,
Reassurance lacking belief...
I had hopes of being "daddy's little girl" and you've managed to foil my plans.

The disappointment has broken me down,
Tears drained, at this age I refused to cry.
I'll pray for you, in hopes there's a chance a connection can be restored.
Prayers that you'll come to love me 'more'
Maybe you're loving the best way you KNOW how,
I have no way to prove such,
A Blossomed Flower, I'm fully grown...

It's the little girl in me, you'll never get the chance to know.

with love,
Daddy's Little Girl

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